Team Grand Rapids

After our footballers opened the fourth day of the ESL Pro Series as a team , they are now able to prove their skills in the individual disciplines. Here meets riO` already at 19 o’clock in his catch-up game on ennu before from 21:00 to Aars-JiMmY antritt. At the same time, cinko and enNu meet on the green lawn. However, on Tuesday evening not only football is played, but also the strategists and shooter friends get their money. So from 7:30 pm, miou and Dolorian , While our Call of Duty team will compete with the bomk men from 10 pm . You can find all information about these games under read More .

The eSport evening will start today’s discipline FIFA10 . At the same time, riO` is already under pressure at this early season , because the Raptor is currently in 15th place with only one point . With a victory this evening, however, he could make a big jump in the ranking list and climb up to the top 10. In order to achieve this goal, he has to fight with enNu but one of the favorites in innovation training with the final positions. However, this is not a matter of the impossibility, which AndResoN already proved on the first day. Nevertheless, EnNu is considered a favorite in this game,

The long and short

Only 30 minutes later the friends of sophisticated strategies in the discipline of Warcraft 3 get their money. After his first defeat in the current season against farmer last week, miou wants to return to Dolorian again in the success track. With a victory, he could consolidate his good position in the top table division and maintain the contact to the undefeated top defeat, SoKoL and yAwS . Other objectives are pursued by his current opponent, Dolorian . After his performance against XPlay the Elf faculty had n from the house! Last SoKoL and ReiGn beaten. Now he would like to get back three points on his account and free himself from the table cellar. The players who will be able to achieve their goals for this match day will be in the waaagh! TV at 7:30 pm .