And again a new round in the beautiful Mappool of the WarCraft3 scene. That of fnatic.com patch Championship “King of Kings” an exciting Saturday afternoon entertainment will in any case offer! In the field of participants of Warcraft3 is located under the likes of Pedro Moreno LucifroN DurĂ¡n or you Seop WhO Chang also a player from the home RAPTOR-GAMING – Tim Gebel HLA will participate as the only German representative in this 16-player major tournament.

Divided into 4 groups, HLA is in Group C , his opponents are two Koreans and one Finn: FoCuS, Myth and elfittaja . The first and second teams of each group qualify for the playoffs, which are already scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd December . But, of course, it is not without a prize money: $ 600 are added, which are divided into 3 winnings. He, who is at the top of the podium, can look forward to over $ 300, the 2nd over $ 200, and how else it should be, the third place still gets $ 100.

Some more info

All games are played online, the group phase is played in the best-of-one mode . Every win counts, we wish HLA much success! According to some sources WaaaghTV as well as Garena will be there, so you can only hope to see lots of exciting games and team building.

Now that the final games of the 13th ESL Pro Series Grand Rapids are over, you can be particularly excited about the relegation today. There are also two Raptors in the field, who have to rely on their eSports fitness, but also on a little luck: Tobias Reignofdark Muth and Daniel TryDying Zuzanski have to face the relegation. But even if they can get their full potential, their opponents are not to be underestimated. A tournament tree full of night elves is now waiting to get in their way. Above all, the two other EPS participants, hanf and Spicy, will be fighting for as long as 4 EAS participants for the ascent.

In the first game of the tournament, TryDying meets YoschO , who has won the last 10 EAS games. Reignofdark , on the other hand, will face the only undead in the relegation and is already sure that Gh0zt has prepared some nice strategies.

Statements as well as results and updates can be found under “read more” . We wish our two claws a successful Sunday and a good start for the upcoming EPS season 14!

Moving forward

You can look forward to this meeting in the WC3L today , because in the third round of the Loserbrackets we meet the now mainly Chinese team of mousesports . Surprisingly in the game is probably the fact that it is not in the Winner-, but in the Loserbracket takes place and both teams had to be defeated already once.
This makes it all the more important and decisive, of course, because the loser already has no chance to reach the next season of the WC3L , while the winner has only one more hurdle to master. Favorite is here however mouz, with Fly100% and TH000 they have two players in the squad, Who have been a part of the World Cup for a long time and are not infrequently involved in the big tournaments.